There's No Link In The Sidebar! (Day 70 - 2 2 10)03:31

There's No Link In The Sidebar! (Day 70 - 2 2 10)

There's No Link In The Sidebar! (Day 70 - 2/2/10)
Date: February 2nd, 2010
Running Time: 3:30

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People Edit

Locations Edit

  • The dorm at SCAD
  • The library at SCAD

Summary Edit

Alex tells us how Game Jam went (sort of), Stephen bids on a piece of EarthBound memorabilia, Stephen and Dan talk about pizza, Dan thinks there's a a link in the sidebar (unfortunately, there wasn't), an early Valentine from Stephen's grandma arrives, and Stephen works on the proposal for his group's documentary project.

Notes Edit

  • The title of the vlog comes from the fact that Dan say's "links in the sidebar" but there was no link in the sidebar.
  • Links in the sidebar are referenced in later vlogs, even after YouTube goes through several formatting changes and no longer has a sidebar.

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