The Y Juz Shirt (Day 335 - 10 25 10)05:03

The Y Juz Shirt (Day 335 - 10 25 10)

The Y Juz Shirt (Day 335 - 10/25/10)
Date: October 25th, 2010
Running Time: 5:03

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  • Stephen's dorm


Stephen gets a letter from Tristan (Daracoz619) with some Magic: The Gathering cards. He places a signed card in the card frame, thus filling in 17 of the 20 cards needed. He also receives an email from shadeblackroses with some Ninten Speaks art included in the message.

In other news, Stephen has made a Y Juz shirt.


  • Unfortunately, at the time of the creation of this page, the Y Juz shirt is no longer available. However, there are a bunch of other shirts out there!

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