The Water Song (Day 506 BONUS!)03:16

The Water Song (Day 506 BONUS!)

The Water Song (Day 506 BONUS!)
Date: April 14th, 2011
Running Time: 3:16

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Minecraft World Week 5 (Day 506 BONUS)
A Facebook-exclusive bonus song



  • Stephen's dorm


Stephen and Dan sing a song about the perils of drinking soda. While Stephen wears a Coca-Cola shirt.


Soda is bad for you, it'll kill you dead if you drink it a lot you will die *laugh* If I could give you one piece of advice it would be don't drink soda ever always say never never put it in your mouth swallow it with your neck hole you don't need that juice you just need to sit and think about the benefits of water (x7) We don't need no soda we just need water (x17) Iwata is the president of Nintendo Soda is so bad for you although it probably wouldn't be the cause of the flu besides that and some other things that are bad fries are full of fat you shouldn't eat them ever you always say never unless you're on vacation and you're willing to spend a little money because sometimes those things can be okay as a snack but if you keep eating them you'll get a big old back and front end and big other stuff so you should not eat sweets unless it's in moderation 'cause it's bad for you [Bad for you] It will kill you and you'll be dead because of the sweets soda (x18) IS BAD but water (x18) Will save your soul from Hell. Maybe... okay well whatever but water is a good thing for you. Falsetto voices make you listen more but maybe you're not watching. I think in this entire song four things have rhymed. Drink water [water x6]


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