The Vlog Reminds Me About Things • 5.307:44

The Vlog Reminds Me About Things • 5.3.17

The Vlog Reminds Me About Things • 5.3.17
Date: May 3rd, 2017
Running Time: 7:43

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  • Five Guys
  • Stephen and Mallory's house


The vlog starts off with lunch at Five Guys with Dan, and a good ol' reference to Burger Fever, a video in which Alex gives birth to a hamburger. They also share that they received some hot peppers to plant from their neighbors, which may lead to the return of Hot Pepper Gaming, but this time with Dan (and not Mal)!

Some time later, back at the house, both Mallory and Stephen have gotten a lot of stuff done. Stephen, in particular, had gotten a lot of vlogs done. He notes that editing old vlogs (in particular Day 2673) actually reminds him of things (like the candy he got a few months ago in his birthday).

In other news, their trip to Arizona is coming up, so they probably have to get started on the work they need for that soon. They've also been sleeping pretty early, which makes him happy (especially since their sleep schedule was really bad in the vlogs he was editing).

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