The Shirt You're Wearing (Day 2108 - 9 2 15)06:50

The Shirt You're Wearing (Day 2108 - 9 2 15)

The Shirt You're Wearing (Day 2108 - 9/2/15)
Date: September 2nd, 2015
Running Time: 6:49

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  • Stephen and Mal's apartment


Stephen and Mal are through the first twelve episodes of Dragon Ball and they're really enjoying the show so far. At some point in the future, they may talk about their thoughts on the show.

Earlier today, Stephen had another person come up to him and complement him on his shirt, which had the Fallout 4 logo on it. This is relatively uncommon for Stephen (normally he has people approach him who know him through the vlog or his Let's Plays), so he asks the viewers if they have had similar interactions with other people that have started with a shirt. Mal points out that Dan had a similar experience at PAX Prime 2012.

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