The Next Favorites Video (Day 908 - 5 20 12)06:27

The Next Favorites Video (Day 908 - 5 20 12)

The Next Favorites Video (Day 908 - 5/20/12)
Date: May 20th, 2012
Running Time: 6:27

The Past Half-Year 5 (Day 907 BONUS)

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  • Stephen's apartment


Mallory cooks chicken and pineapples in a slow cooker in return for the spaghetti that Stephen cooked for the previous day's dinner. Stephen asks the viewers for their favorite moments from Vlog days 500-1000 because he creates a favorite fan moments video every 500 days and he needs time to prepare for day 1000.


  • This is the first Vlog day of the sixth half year.


  • Stephen: "I'm gonna be honest, we should try that. Can you eat a shoe? Is it dangerous to eat a shoe? Is it? Is there a piece of clothing that you could eat that wouldn't be dangerous? I wanna try it."

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