The Mystery Disk (Day 376 - 12 5 10)07:29

The Mystery Disk (Day 376 - 12 5 10)

The Mystery Disk (Day 376 - 12/5/10)
Date: December 5th, 2010
Running Time: 7:29

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  • Stephen's parents' house


Debra makes lots and lots of delicious chocolate-covered butter balls. Meanwhile, Stephen spends most of the day sleeping and finishes editing The Nutcracker.

He also decides to find out what Mr. Dyslexic Heart Bear sent him on a floppy disk back on Day 330. After some tinkering with his old computer, he manages to get the game working. It turns out to be a children's learning game. While he has the computer up and running, he decides to see what's on some other unlabeled floppy disks on his shelf. Some of them contain remnants of games made through RPG Maker, which is a burst of nostalgia for Stephen.

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