The Map Releases Tomorrow (Day 550 - 5 28 11)03:23

The Map Releases Tomorrow (Day 550 - 5 28 11)

The Map Releases Tomorrow (Day 550 - 5/28/11)
Date: May 28th, 2011
Running Time: 3:22

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  • La Nopalera
  • Stephen's Dorm - SCAD


A week remains until Stephen & his dorm mates graduate from SCAD, and with the Minecraft map they along with their friends have worked on since Week 1 coming out tomorrow, it's time to celebrate! Mexican food and the completion of the monorail are defiantly on the menu for today! Plus, quick shot previews of said monorail are included as a bonus!


  • Stephen & his friends worked on the map since Week 1, and throughout the next five weeks, update videos were made to show what was built over the last week or month.

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