The Honeymoon is Tomorrow (Day 856 - 3 29 12)03:19

The Honeymoon is Tomorrow (Day 856 - 3 29 12)

The Honeymoon is Tomorrow (Day 856 - 3/29/12)
March 29th, 2012
Running Time: 3:19

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  • Stephen's House


The day starts with Stephen and Mallory trying salmon on stove top, and they thought it was good with scout potatoes. Then, some time later, Stephen lets us know that Skyrim #49 came out today, as well as all of the videos up to April 8th are in the queue, done and uploaded, even though it took him two days to get them done, and he also got days 852 through 855 and the March 2012 Q&A video uploaded. He plans to do a few more things tomorrow, and announces that Stephen and Mallory's honeymoon to Florida is tomorrow. He also mentions that he has finished boxing up his Pokémon Trading Cards in his entire life and will be shipping those to a friend of his who wanted to buy them, which he mentioned on day 849. Then, to finish the day, he talks about what will be coming up on their honeymoon.


  • After uploading eighteen videos on YouTube, fourteen on StephenPlays, and four on StephenVlog, it totaled to a whopping 18.1 GB.
  • Stephen saying that "it has been a crazy two days" is a reference to Day 743.

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