The Grill is Officially Dead (Day 1644 - 5 26 14)05:34

The Grill is Officially Dead (Day 1644 - 5 26 14)

The Grill is Officially Dead (Day 1644 - 5/26/14)
Date: May 26th, 2014
Running Time: 5:34

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  • Stephen's parents' house
  • Stephen and Mal's apartment


It's time for a Memorial Day cookout at Stephen's parents' house! Unfortunately, their grill has broken down for good - last year, Steve was set on fire by the grill. They do some stovetop cooking instead and finish dinner with a delicious fruit salad. They play a bunch of games, and Stephen once again loses to Steve in Wii Bowling.

In other news, Stephen and Mal got their air conditioning problems fixed today. To end the vlog, Stephen thanks the former and current servicemen who work around the world.

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