The Fancy Dinner -4K Vlog- • 2.2709:00

The Fancy Dinner -4K Vlog- • 2.27.17

The Fancy Dinner [4K Vlog] • 2.27.17
Date: February 27th, 2017
Running Time: 8:59

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  • Cruise boat cabin
  • Cruise boat buffet dining hall
  • Cruise boat theater
  • Cruise boat restaurant


It's the day at sea! Everyone ordered in room service for breakfast, but it wasn't enough for Stephen so they went and got more breakfast from the buffet. Stephen also talks about how they aren't allowed outside on the boat for the day, because it's too windy. Hayley then talks about how the ping pong tournament was cancelled.

Afterwards, they play bingo in one of the theaters, followed by lunch. Stephen and Alex both got burgers from Guy's Burger Joint while Mal and Hayley got tacos.

Following that is the fancy dinner, and everyone is dressed fancy and enjoys a delicious 3-course meal. Later, they watch a diva show at the theater.

Back in their cabin, Stephen has changed shirts because he spilled stuff on his fancy shirt. Also, they are going to Catalina Island the next day.


  • "We all dressed to the nines, Stephen dressed to the sevens..." - Alex
  • "You copied me, because I said I wanted ravioli, and you said, "I wanna be just like you, I'm gonna get the ravioli like you, because I wanna be your friend." - Stephen (to Alex)

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