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That's What I Came Here For! (Day 1738 - 8 28 14)05:43

That's What I Came Here For! (Day 1738 - 8 28 14)

That's What I Came Here For! (Day 1738 - 8/28/14)
Date: September 24th 2014
Running Time: 5:43



  • Seattle, WA
    • Cactus
    • A Hotel Room


The vlog starts out with everyone walking down the street to go have a late lunch at a place called Cactus. On the way there they see that the production of Cats has been cancelled which was apparently what Richie came for. It cuts to them at lunch talking about the food they ordered. Then it shows them with everyone except Lindsey and Richie who went to go look for something, walking around a park on the way back to the hotel. Next it cuts to the hotel room where they say they just watched local television all day, and got sandwiches for dinner. Hayley shows off the makeshift beds she made so people wouldn't have to sleep on the floor. It ends with Stephen saying that they're going to PAX tommorrow morning.


  • Stephen: "Production of Cats cancelled, that's a shame."

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