Text From The Future (Day 75 - 2 7 10)02:45

Text From The Future (Day 75 - 2 7 10)

Text From The Future (Day 75 - 2/7/10)
Date: February 7th, 2010
Running Time: 2:44

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People Edit

Locations Edit

  • Stephen's car
  • IHOP
  • The dorm at SCAD

Summary Edit

Stephen muffs the pre-release tournament, has dinner with his parents (who are in town for a couple days) at IHOP, shows off the card frame he had his parents bring from home, Alex mockingly(?) threatens Stephen with a claw hammer, and Stephen explains that he got a text message from Mallory that (through some sort of error) appears to have come from two minutes in the future.

Notes Edit

  • The title of this vlog comes from Stephen thinking he got a text from the future.
  • This day marks the beginning of Stephen's use of card frames to display Magic cards and other trading cards. It would go on to be a staple of the vlog, with people sending him all sorts of cards (many of them signed) that he would display in the frames.

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