Talk Sense Into Me (Day 1646 - 5 28 14)03:06

Talk Sense Into Me (Day 1646 - 5 28 14)

Talk Sense Into Me (Day 1646 - 5/28/14)
Date: May 28th, 2014
Running Time: 3:06

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  • Stephen's Car
  • Sonic Drive-Thru


Stephen spent a lot of his afternoon recording, so Mal didn't get a chance to make dinner. They end up going to Sonic instead to pick up some burgers and salted caramel shakes.

Stephen also mentions that Nintendo has announced a new revenue-sharing program for YouTube content creators. He doesn't want to go into the issue too much until he knows more about it, but he does think that this is an improvement over Nintendo's initial plans to ban gaming content altogether.

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