Take That, Sleep Bank! • 4.310:47

Take That, Sleep Bank! • 4.3.17

Take That, Sleep Bank! • 4.3.17
Date: April 3rd, 2017
Running Time: 10:46

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  • Stephen and Mallory's house
  • Stephen's car
  • McAlister's Deli


It's the first day of lawn maintenance! Unfortunately, Stephen and Mallory slept pretty late the night before and completely forgot that the lawn service guy was coming. This led to them stumbling quickly out of bed and being very out of it when they went to greet the guy. Anyway, some time later, the lawn is cut and it looks good.

Afterwards, they leave the house to get some errands done, like sending out Mal's painting, and then eat lunch at McAlister's. While eating their food, Stephen shares that Mal actually called her endodontist earlier to see if she can get her teeth checked because she is still in a lot of pain and can't eat properly.

On their way home, Stephen talks about how someone in PetSmart recognized his Extra Life shirt, which was cool since no one had recognized it before. He also mentions that they went to Hobby Lobby to to cut a mat to continue the process of hanging up art, but were also retiring some of their posters. They would be reusing frames from some retired posters, but have also ordered some more frames.

Back the house, they frame and hang up Console Wars (first seen on Day 2685) above their printer in their office. It looks a little odd though, since the poster is centered for the wall while the dresser is not.

On another note, it's raining really hard such that Mal can't record MalMakes, so they decide to take a nap. The nap ends up turning into a full night's rest, and the vlog starts again at nearly 7am, just after they got up from bed. Stephen is really happy and excited about paying back his sleep debt to the Sleep Bank.


  • "The time from, from me getting out of bed to getting to the door was like 30 seconds, right? And he, he came up and said, 'You must be Stephen, I'm so-and-so.' And I said, 'Hi, so-and, so. I'm Stephen.' " - Stephen
    • "So don't even, don't you feel bad. It's, it's a wonder that I didn't get up and prepare him a flaming mug of tea." - Stephen (to Mal)


  • Stephen referenced Day 2205, which is when Stephen woke up and tried to prepare tea for Mal by putting Mal's favorite cup made of plastic and metal in the microwave.
  • One of the posters Stephen and Mallory are retiring is a History of Mario poster from Club Nintendo, which Stephen first received and put up in college (Day ???), which means the poster has been around for a long time.
  • Stephen first described not sleeping enough as owing a debt to the Sleep Bank in Day 2612.

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