Taco John's Virginity (Day 390 - 12 19 10)08:51

Taco John's Virginity (Day 390 - 12 19 10)

Taco John's Virginity (Day 390 - 12/19/10)
Date: December 19th, 2010
Running Time: 8:51

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  • Mark's House - Wisconsin Rapids
  • Mallory's car
  • Taco John's


Stephen is sick. But after a few hours of relaxing, he is able to start speaking again. He and Mal go to Taco John's for the first time on a recommendation from someone on Formspring. While being more expensive than Taco Bell, the food is much better than Taco Bell. They pick up some medicine and an AV cable for the PS3, then Mal makes some slow cooker chicken teriyaki for dinner. Stephen and Mal play Guantlet Dark Legacy for a while, but the game doesn't load properly past the first world. They have some incredible dinner while watching Jackass: The Movie.

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