THAT IS NOT A COW! • 12.711:41

THAT IS NOT A COW! • 12.7.16

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The Runaway Guys: Telestrations



  • Emile's House


Stephen records some videos with Emile, Tim and Jon. Next come Emile's presents to Stephen and Mal. Emile gives Mal some paints, a rechargeable battery with a USB port, and some canvases. Emile gets Stephen a dice holder that is custom-engraved with the vlog logo in it.

The gane plays a game of The Runaway Guys: Telestrations, followed by a completely improvised round of Dungeons & Dragons.

After the game, Stephen shows Tim's drawings created during the campaign, and the rest of the group explains their characters. Tim and Jon are leaving tomorrow... Until next time!


  • Tim recorded some of these events on his vlog as seen here.

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