Switching Back To The Flip (Day 345 - 11 4 10)04:20

Switching Back To The Flip (Day 345 - 11 4 10)

Switching Back To The Flip (Day 345 - 11/4/10)
Date: November 4th, 2010
Running Time: 4:20

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  • Stephen's dorm


After taking a look at the footage from yesterday, Stephen concludes that he will no longer be using the iPod as his vlog camera due to the poor audio quality. Even so, he films the rest of the vlog using the iPod so that there is one vlog day filmed entirely with the iPod.

Later, Dan suggests that Stephen add a laugh track in the background of the vlog, Which he does. While he and Alex attempt to live out a sitcom. In the process, they discover an ad on their door for a knitting group with the phrase, "Knitta please!" It's a weird vlog day.

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