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Swirly Swirly Swirls (Day 1579 - 3 22 14)06:07

Swirly Swirly Swirls (Day 1579 - 3 22 14)

Swirly Swirly Swirls (Day 1579 - 3/22/14)
Date: April 18th 2014
Running Time 6:07



  • Stephen and Mal's apartment
  • Restaurant (name is not mentioned)


Stephen watches Mallory as she puts the frosting on the cookies she'd baked the previous day. Stephen later mentions the stormy weather and how thankfully the battery backup he got saved his StephenPlays footage as the power went out very briefly. As he continues he is interupted by the sound of thunder. The power then goes out, shutting off Mallory's computer, and the vlog cuts to a restaurant where Stephen and Mal are eating spicy tuna, Philadelphia rolls, and salmon nigiri. It finally cuts back to the apartment where Stephen ends off the vlog.


  • Stephen: "Obviously you probably shouldn't record in a thunderstorm anyway, because that has a possibility of happening. But I mean, uh, especially with our power here, we get power surges and *thunder* breakoutssssssss....."
  • Stephen: "They look like baby cookies when you have the pink and the blue like that, it's like 'Oh! You're having a baby, alright!' "

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