Support the Spa (Day 706 - 10 31 11)02:06

Support the Spa (Day 706 - 10 31 11)

Support the Spa (Day 706)
October 31st, 2011
Running time: 2:06

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  • Stephen and Mal's apartment


Stephen mentions how a few months back he submitted a picture of him and Rocko for a pet contest. There is another contest that he wants our help with, one for his mother's spa. A local news station has a 'Best of the Beach Award' for businesses. Hibiscus Spa, his mom's workplace, is in the contest and could really use the advertising. They have won it before but it was snipped last year. Stephen wants us to vote for the Hibiscus Spa for best day spa. He explains that people who work at the spa work on commission. By voting, we are helping their income. He isn't asking us to vote but appreciates it if we did.

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