Stephen & Friends Halo 3 (Part 1)

Stephen & Friends Halo 3 (Part 1)

First episode of Stephen & Friends.

Stephen & Friends is an ongoing LP series with (surprise, surprise) Stephen and some of his friends, including Austin, Dan, Taylor, Jeremy, JonPaula, Josh, Patrick, Thomas, Alex, Hayley, and Nick. The series began as an offshoot LP to GTA Online and began on March 8th, 2014 with Halo 3.

In 2016, Stephen and his friends began live streaming games of Dungeons & Dragons.

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Broken Picturephone is an online version of the popular tabletop game Telestrations developed by Chaz. Unlike Telestrations, players can make use of color when drawing, come up with their own starting phrases and have no set time limit to complete each drawing. It can be played by anyone at

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