Stephen & Friends Halo 3 (Part 1)30:55

Stephen & Friends Halo 3 (Part 1)

First episode of Stephen & Friends.

Stephen & Friends is an ongoing LP series with (surprise, surprise) Stephen and some of his friends, including Austin, Dan, Taylor, Jeremy, JonPaula, Josh, Patrick, Thomas, Alex, Hayley, and Nick. The series began as an offshoot LP to GTA Online and began on March 8th, 2014 with Halo 3.

In 2016, Stephen and his friends began live streaming games of Dungeons & Dragons.

Episodes Edit

Halo 3 Edit


L4D2 Cold StreamEdit

Cards Against HumanityEdit



Donkey Kong CountryEdit

Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveEdit

Happy WarsEdit

Disco DodgeballEdit

Super Smash Bros.Edit

Wii Sports Resort Edit

Broken Picturephone Edit

Tom Clancy's: The DivisionEdit


You're In The Movies Edit

Joking Hazard Edit

Jackbox GamesEdit

IRL TabletopEdit

1,000 Blank White Cards Edit

Golf With Your Friends Edit

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