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StephenWiki (Day 578 - 6 25 11)-104:48

StephenWiki (Day 578 - 6 25 11)-1

StephenWiki (Day 578 - 6/25/11)
Date: June 25th, 2011
Running Time: 4:48



  • Stephen's Parents' House


Stephen and Mallory go dress shopping because the dress that she had bought a few days ago was actually too small. Stephen says that he didn't vlog any of the shopping because it would have been incredibly boring.

When they are sitting at home Mallory decides to show Debra how to use oil pastels, which Stephen likes to call watercolors. At first he jokes around saying that his mother's drawing doesn't look anything like him, but by the time Debra is done he admits that it is almost better than he could do.

While online they find out that the zoo in Columbia is open longer on Sundays than it is on Mondays and decide to go on Sunday so they would be home earlier on Monday. Stephen then announces that he is opening StephenWiki to the public and invites viewers to edit the wiki. He posts a tutorial on how to edit the wiki in the video description.


  • Stephen: "Yeah, that looks just like me--I'm an oval!"

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