StephenVlog Minecraft Hunger Games22:25

StephenVlog Minecraft Hunger Games

StephenVlog Minecraft Hunger Games
Date: April 12th, 2013
Running Time: 22:24

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  • Stephen Georg (Voice-Over only)
  • Mallory (Voice-Over only)
  • Alex (Voice-Over only)
  • Dan (Voice-Over only)
  • Taylor (Voice-Over only)
  • Chaz (Voice-Over only)
  • Chaz's Sister (Not seen or heard)
  • Jeremy (Voice-Over only)
  • Thomas (Voice-Over only)
  • Josh (Voice-Over only)
  • Pcull (Voice-Over only)
  • Lindsey (Voice-Over only)


Stephen, Mallory, Alex, Dan, Taylor, Chaz and his sister, Jeremy, Thomas, Josh Jepson, and Patrick aka Pcull all fight to the death in the most outrageous, most hilarious, most craziest Minecraft Hunger Games match with Lindsey as their spectator! There will be fire, there will be Creepers, Spiders, and other enemies, there will be lava, and most of all: There will be invisible Gods on the loose! Who will win this insane game of Minecraft Hunger Games?


  • Although you do not see Stephen, Mal, nor their friends on camera, you can see their Minecraft skins and/or hear their commentary throughout the video.
  • Lindsey is the only player who is spectating throughout the entire match, and Chaz's sister is never seen or heard, but is one of the participants of this match.
  • Dan, Alex, Chaz, Josh, Lindsey, and Thomas have swore at least once during the video, and Stephen censored the swears with a sound effect of a ring from the Sonic the Hedgehog games. However, if one were to listen very carefully at around 3:40 into the video, you can hear Alex swearing without a censor added when Chaz discovers the trees at the center of the arena covered in lava that appeared out of nowhere.
  • Jeremy uploaded a longer, uncensored version this exact same match from his perspective on his YouTube channel, which can be found here.


  • "Get the f@#& away from me!" ~Josh trying to run away from Chaz, believing it's Alex.
    • "I'm not Alex, I'm Chaz!" ~Chaz in response to Josh, following him.
  • "My name is Chaz, and I'm really drunk." ~Chaz responding to Josh wondering who killed him.
  • "I want to make you a deal." ~Thomas asking for a deal with Alex.
    • "No deal!" ~Alex in response to above quote.
  • "I just killed Alex, and I have a lot of his stuff, and I have, like, well, everything I need so...f@#&in' A!" ~Thomas trying to make a deal with Patrick only to be killed by a Creeper.
  • "This did NOT happen in the movie! This did not happen in the movie! This is the worst day of my life!" ~Stephen trying to run away from an invisible person chasing him with TNT blocks.
    • "Stephen, you have to read the books." ~Patrick in response to above quote.

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