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StephenMail #2 Date: May 21st 2012 Running Time: 15:06


Letter SendersEdit



The letter is short simply asking how long they're going to be at PAX, can they meet up and
Boogey tent
that he has presents for them. He also requests they don't hang up the pictures he sent.  The pictures included were an orange taco, one of random memorable moments, the pork Dan seal of approval, and the boogey tent from earthbound.

Stephen responds to his question by saying they will be at PAX all 3 days and that they're happy to meet up with people and will be posting the information on twitter to make it easier for everyone.  


Wyatt starts off saying how much he loves their videos and how he's ent them messages on facebook. He's been watching since day one and sent his favorite pokemon card  and an extra card. He says he plans on looking for an Earthbound cart for Stephen and asks how to play the mc map it's Better Together with two people.

The cards were landorus, an Eevee, and his favorite card an umbreon. The letter also mentions that he plays pokemon on his channel.

Stephen tells him that he dosn't expect anyone to send him a cart of earthbound because he already has 3 and that if he does find one he should keep it for himself. Then to paly it's Better Together he tells him to download the map, make a sever and replace the server map file with the it's Better Together map file. Stephen says that Umbreon is one of his favorite pokemon and that'll he'll hang it up on the board for him.


Nathan begins by stating that Stephen and Mal have become some of his favorite youtubers. He found them because of the Chuggaconroy vlog and didn't watch it at first because he didn't he'd care for it. When he did finally watch he gained an interest in looking at some more of Stephen and Mal's videos. He says the game commentaries are funny and the vlog make him laugh and that tehy inspired him to start his own lps. He mentions how he tried to do a vlog but ended up doing game reviews instead and that his favorite Lp is Shadow of the Colossus (Venasaur). He plans on starting the "Journey" soon and recommends them to play the game Journey. He ends off by thanking Stephen for entertaining him and all the other viewers. In the post script he mentions that they should do a Twigilight Princess lp.

He also includes some of his favorite pokemon cards such as a Starmie, a Delta species electric Dragonite, Moltres, Magneton, Deoxys, Infernape, Kyogre, and Walrien.

Stephen responds by saying thanks for the letter and that a lot of people have been telling him to play journey. Then goes on to say that they're planning on doing Twilight Princess in a similar format to the portal 2 lp with Mal co-commentating at some point in time.


Felix requests Mal to read his letter. He introduces himself as the guy who sent them the incedible backstory Celebi pokemon card. He adds that he found himself near a taco bell recently and that he tried it never having had taco bell before and said it tasted good and understands why Dan is always sending links to the wiki to Alex. He states that Shadow of the Colossus is his favorite Lp and he's getting a Shadow of the Venasaur shirt. He recommends that stephen make a memorable moment of all the times he said the colossus looked like his favorite pokemon. He ends with I'll stop talking before you guys hate me.

He added something in french in the post script which said "I'm a french canadian and if we ever meet in person which I hope to God I do then we can have a conversation which Stephen won't be able to understand lol you mad bro."  It continues on to say his favorite vlog is Oh F#$% The Bread. He aso included a picture comparing the colossus to venasaur and a garbage pail kids sticker.

Stephen says he likes the venasaur thing, that he like the sticker is and that because he likes the sticker its cool and that he appreciates the letter.

Ethan Edit

Before reading Ethan's letter Stephen tells a story about how he went on a school trip to Europe. The actual letter states that he and his brother found Stephen's channel through Chuggaconroy's channel and were instantly hooked. Ethan said he even convinced some of his friends to watch it too. He writes about how he's watching skyrim and Minecraft custom maps and that Stephen and Mal are the reason that he wants to start his  own channel.

He also included a pretty sweet drawing of the Stephen Plays logo with pictures representing the various lps Stephen has done. Stephen really enjoyed the art.

He thanks Ethan for the letter and says when you've done so many let's plays you don't even think about the fact you've done so many let's plays. Stephen announces he'll be putting the art up on the board and thanks everyone who sent in a letter one last time before ending off the episode.

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