StephenMail - November 201325:32

StephenMail - November 2013

Date: December 22nd, 2013
Running Time: 25:31

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  • Catherine - Broken Arrow, OK
  • Ian - Newport, NC (YT: UnderdogLuigi)
  • Wesley - Scottsdale, AZ (YT: chevyPIKMIN181)
    • Also sent in Mickey's Racing Adventure (GBC)
  • Ari Zonia - Oro Valley, AZ (YT: kiaracatfan159)


Sender Contents
Location: N/A
Youtube: starbucksmocha88
  • Letter
  • Package from Fangamer
    • Earthbound magnets
    • Zelda-themed playing cards
Seattle, WA
Youtube: N/A
  • Letter
  • Fallout Boy CD
  • Pokémon Art: Espeon, Fennekin, Umbreon, Honedge, Skitty, Bulbasaur
Shawn & Tennelle
Location: N/A
Youtube: scixarite
  • Letter
  • The Music of Christmas & Stories Behind The Songs (Book/CD/DVD)

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