Text From The Future (Day 75 - 2 7 10)02:45

Text From The Future (Day 75 - 2 7 10)

Day 75, the first appearance of Stephen's original card frame.

Stephen has several trading card frames in which he displays cards sent in by viewers.

History Edit

On Day 75, Stephen put up his first frame, right by the front door of the dorm at SCAD. It was one that he'd owned for years and used to display Pokemon cards in. He had his parents bring it down for him from their home in Myrtle Beach. He promptly filled it with Magic Land cards, and that was going to be the end of it.

However, two days later, Stephen received a letter from a viewer named Luke, which contained several Magic cards, including some Land cards that he'd personally signed. Stephen put one of them in the frame, and a new vlog tradition was born.

Cards Edit

The following is a chronological list of every card that's been placed in a frame, who sent it, and the day it was added.

Frame #1 contains Magic Land cards only, and has twenty cards in it.

  • Plains Land Magic card, Luke (AKA dothackfreak11), Day 77
  • Mountain Land Magic card, scpgamer1988, Day 102
  • Island Land Magic card, Mallory, Day 106
  • Forest Land Magic card, Will (aka toadstoolnews), Day 125

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