Spellbound Caves (10 Players) - Minecraft14:58

Spellbound Caves (10 Players) - Minecraft

Spellbound Caves (10 Players) - Minecraft
Date: September 29th, 2013
Running Time: 14:58

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So, remember that one time last year where Stephen & Mal attempted to record a LP of a Vechs Super Hostile map called Spellbound Caves and spent three hours doing absolutely poorly before rage quitting? Well, they're back...again. HOWEVER, this time around they brought in some friends! Eight friends to be exact! But with eight of their friends joining them, can Stephen and Mal get through this dreaded map much better than how much they endured last year?


  • This is the first time Stephen and Mal's friends have played a Vechs Super Hostile map.
  • Stephen & Mal, along with their friends, did a little better than last time they visited this map alone, getting two of the nineteen blocks (sixteen wool and three material blocks) for the Victory Monument. They still did not complete the map despite this however, as they stopped playing the map after playing it for so long.
  • This video is the sequel to Spellbound Rage, which was a montage of Stephen & Mal's attempt at recording the map for what would've been the third Minecraft Custom Map LP. It is also the bonus video for Day 1390.


  • "Ow, ow! Ow! Ow!" ~Jeremy accidentally killed by Stephen as he was blowing up a Ghast Spawner.
  • "You want an arrow? I have an arrow for you. (After Mal responds saying she wouldn't mind an arrow.) Here you go, um, I'm gonna die so you can have an arrow, and a bow that's about to die!" ~Chaz giving an arrow and a nearly-dead bow to Mal.
    • "Thanks. You wanna kill that Spider?" ~Mal thanking Chaz for the bow and arrow, and asks Chaz to kill a cave spider.
  • "I'd like to point out a great new, uh, suicide feature, everyone? There's now an upper level with a, with a hole that you can jump down to land directly on the cactus." ~Alex explaining to everyone about a suicide cactus area that he made for sacrificing themselves in case they're about to die.
    • "Why did we have a cactus anyway? Where was that?" ~Stephen, earlier, questioning why Alex had a cactus and where he got it from.
    • "It's a suicide cactus, duh!" ~Hayley in response to above quote.
  • "Oh my God, CREEPER!" ~Thomas just seconds before being killed by a Creeper.
    • "Oh, he was so young." ~Stephen in response to Thomas getting killed by a Creeper.
  • "So there are, like, 24 different things that we have to put in the Victory Monument, and we have one? And this has been going for an hour and a half?" ~Alex upon the sudden realization that they need to get nineteen blocks to complete the Victory Monument.
    • "And we have one?" ~Thomas, presumably, in response to Alex's realization.
  • "We have four the dirt. Someday, they'll become glorious trees." ~Chaz planting four saplings & hoping they'll turn into trees...All without bone meal.
    • "Happy, happy trees." ~Chaz reiterating above quote.

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