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Space Alligator (Day 1377 - 9 1 13)25:20

Space Alligator (Day 1377 - 9 1 13)

Space Alligator (Day 1377 - 9/1/13)
Date: September 1st, 2013
Running Time: 25:20



  • Seattle, WA
    • Valve Headquarters
    • Regent Bakery and Cafe
    • EMP (Experience Music Project)
    • Nijo Sushi
    • Pike Place
    • Red Lion Hotel


Stephen, Mal, Dan, Hayley, Alex, Taylor, Chaz, and Jeff visit Valve's head office.  Needless to say, it's pure eye candy for any and all fans of Valve.  They go to the cafeteria of Valve, but they can't record any footage, so Stephen links to another video in which Valve describes their cafeteria.  They also head to the Regent Bakery and Cafe, which is where Valve got the idea for the black forest cake in Portal (Hayley gets a slice of the "Portal cake").

Afterwards, the gang gets drinks and goes to the EMP to check out their exhibits: fantasy, horror, sci-fi, and of course, music.  At the Nirvana exhibit, there is a quadraphonic serial decomposition of "Come as You Are" playing, which Stephen says has a very EarthBound-y feel to it.  Afterwards, they have sushi for dinner with Thomas, Josh, and Brooke, and head to Pike Place.  They end off the day by playing video games at the hotel, and they are joined by Patrick.


  • Stephen: "Say something good."
    • Josh: "Something good."
  • Patrick (ending the vlog): "F*** off 'til next time!"

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