Some Of These Don't Exist Very Much (Day 2046 - 7 2 15)22:58

Some Of These Don't Exist Very Much (Day 2046 - 7 2 15)

Some Of These Don't Exist Very Much (Day 2046 - 7/2/15)
Date: July 2nd, 2015
Running Time: 22:58

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  • Athens, Greece
    • Royal Olympic Hotel
    • The Acropolis
    • Panathenaic Stadium (site of the first Modern Olympic Games)
    • Syntagma Square
    • Acropolis Museum
    • Αναφιώτικα Καφενείο (Anafiotika Cafe)


Stephen, Mal, Mark, and Rhonda take a tour around Athens and get a chance to see the Acropolis, the site of the first Modern Olympics, the changing of the guard at the Parliament building, and the Acropolis museum.

Mal and her parents take a dip in the pool while Stephen works on videos. Everyone has some awesome Greek food and they end off the day with some card games.

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