Soda Kills You (Day 356 - 11 15 10)04:14

Soda Kills You (Day 356 - 11 15 10)

Soda Kills You (Day 356 - 11/15/10)
Date: November 15th, 2010
Running Time: 4:14

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Four Right Angles Opening (Day 356 BONUS)



  • Stephen's Dorm at SCAD


Long story short, Stephen and his dorm mates explain why drinking too many soda is terrible for you, and Alex creates an acronym for this soda problem, DAYCDSBANGD, which stands for "Don't Assume You Can Drink Sugary Beverages and Not Get Diabetes."


  • The acronym, DAYCDSBANGD, makes sense as Stephen and his dorm mates attempt to not drink soda until graduation. What would be known as the soda challenge would eventually begin, 140 days later, on day 496.
  • There is a t-shirt for the DAYCDSBANGD acronym currently available on Stephen's merchandise shop, StephenShop, in both men's and women's. This bonus vlog also explains how the acronym became a shirt when it was previously available on Stephen's first merchandise shop.


  • Stephen: "I-If I'm drinking soda..cans on the vlog, like, ...yell at me, because I shouldn't be drinking soda so much."
    • Dan: "You shouldn't be drinking soda so much."
  • Alex: "Just remember folks: *Holds up notebook to page of acronym* DAYCDSBANGD, don't assume you can drink sugary beverages and not get diabetes."

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