"Snale Fantasy" mock logo

A Stephen meme originating from the Extra Life 2014 livestream. The final game of his 15-hour stream was Final Fantasy VI, and due to exhaustion he was stuck on the Whelk battle for almost all of the 45 minutes allotted for this game. Stephen expressed a concern that this was the entire game, and all the characters would only fight this boss forever.

Josh, who was also exhausted, called it a "snale" in the chat. Mallory, sleep-deprived, thought it was the funniest spelling ever and laughed until she cried.

"Snale Fantasy" was born. Hayley created a logo to go along with this re-imaged version of Final Fantasy VI. Stephen spruced it up and currently has it for sale as a t-shirt.

Unfortunately, due to an issue with Twitch this part of the stream was lost forever.

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