Slowly Learning "No" (Day 1024 - 9 13 12)04:15

Slowly Learning "No" (Day 1024 - 9 13 12)

Slowly Learning "No" (Day 1024 - 9/13/12)
Date: September 13th, 2012
Running Time: 4:15

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  • Stephen and Mal's apartment


Stephen gets around to editing the first kitten vlog today, and he notes that their personalities have seemingly reversed. Sagan is now much more mischievous than Kepler (though Kepler has been quite sick for the past few days). On the bright side, they've slowly been learning the meaning of "no". Stephen mentions that they are considering getting the kittens declawed, but they hope to avoid it if possible.


  • Stephen and Mal decide not to declaw the cats for reasons outlined in Day 1046.

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