Slopped Your Dripper (Day 94 - 2 26 10)04:46

Slopped Your Dripper (Day 94 - 2 26 10)

Slopped Your Dripper (Day 94 - 2 26 10)
February 26th, 2010
Running time: 4:46

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  • Oyotunji Village
  • Stephen's Car
  • Stephen's Dorm


Stephen is at the Oyotunji village working on a documentary. After a stop at Chipotle and talking about spilling food on yourself, Dan reminisces about how long it's been since he, Alex, and Taylor have appeared in the vlog. Dan vows to get Stephen back after the events of Day 49.

They later talk about Dan wanting to buy books with silly titles and Stephen wanting to buy books where they form sentences when placed next to each other. Stephen films Alex doing the dishes and Alex starts to make fun of how Stephen films his vlogs.

Stephen says that his Windows release candidate is almost done and that he has to re-install it. He wonders what he can do that doesn't involve a computer.

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