Skinny Jeans (Day 398 - 12 27 10)09:37

Skinny Jeans (Day 398 - 12 27 10)

Skinny Jeans (Day 398 - 12/27/10)
Date: December 27th, 2010
Running Time: 9:37

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  • Mallory's Mother's House
  • Mallory's Car
  • Simon's Specialty Cheese Rental Store
  • Freedom High School
  • Kohl's
  • Sapporo Sushi


Mallory is making lunch, which is chicken and gravy with Cajun seasoning, and Stephen mentions that this is his last day in Wisconsin...again. In the car, Stephen talks about doing some last minute things with Mallory since he will be returning home tomorrow. First things first, they head off to Simon's Specialty Cheese Rental Store so that Stephen can buy cheese curds for his parents back in Myrtle Beach, as well as cheese fudge and sharp cheddar cheese. Although Mallory says that he is spoiling their Christmas present from her, Stephen says that by the time he gets this up, he would already be in Myrtle Beach. They also got Red Apple Jones soda since Stephen has never tried it before. The next stop is by the Freedom High School in Freedom, Wisconsin, where Mallory will be student teaching there while Stephen finishes SCAD. Then, they head to Kohl's to go shopping, and while they are there, Stephen tries out skinny jeans, which he thought were the tightest jeans he had ever worn in his life. Finally, they head to Sapporo Sushi to have sushi for dinner, before returning to the house where Stephen and Mallory enjoy the fireplace as Stephen closes the day off.


  • Stephen references day 368 and day 369 when he says to just imagine shoe shopping.
  • This is the final Wisconsin vlog on StephenVlog for the year 2010. The next Wisconsin vlog on StephenVlog would be in the year 2011, which is day 560.


  • "This is what skinny jeans look like." ~Stephen

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