Sidewalk Arts Festival Integrity (Day 522 - 4 30 11)10:30

Sidewalk Arts Festival Integrity (Day 522 - 4 30 11)

Sidewalk Arts Festival / Integrity (Day 522 - 4/30/11)
Date: April 30th, 2011
Running Time: 10:30

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  • Stephen's dorm
  • Forsyth Park


Stephen and Alex head down to Forsyth Park for the Sidewalk Arts Festival. They also get a free boxed lunch from SCAD and run into Nick!

After doing some grocery shopping, Alex tries to toss things in the air and catch them with his eyes closed.

Later, Stephen comments on a few videos by Andrew Bravener: "An Open Letter to YouTube" and "HOW TO BE FAMOUS ON YOUTUBE!!!!". In a nutshell, the videos address the issue of sacrificing integrity for success. Stephen notes that he has come across this before on Day 437. While Stephen isn't growing at the rate he could, he is happy that he has not "sold out" for the sake of personal gain.

He also values the engagement he has with his audience: he reads every comment on his videos and replies to any questions from viewers. He plans on continuing to do so until it is no longer feasible.

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