Shooting Gallery • 3.1810:17

Shooting Gallery • 3.18.17

Shooting Gallery • 3.18.17
Date: March 18th, 2017
Running Time: 10:16

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  • Austin and Nikki's house
  • Stephen and Mal's house


It's Austin's birthday celebration! Austin becomes a shooting gallery as he tries to catch Nerf bullets with his hands but instead gets shot at with Nerf guns. Also, Nikki is pregnant (!!!!!) and the baby is due sometime in the end of June. This is revealed officially by Nikki while Austin gets caught up in a hostage situation right next to her. Stephen then comments that the party was actually quite mild before this since they just ate and played board games.

Goldeneye graphic

Goldeneye graphic (in bottom right corner)

Doom graphic

Doom graphic (along bottom)

Jarrett adds that he feels uncomfortable because he doesn't anything to defend himself with, with all the Nerf warfare going on. He then gets a measly one bullet gun, and immediately runs out of ammo. Later, Jarrett and another party member duel, and he loses.

After that, it's time for all-out Nerf Wars (along with Goldeneye and Doom graphics)! Everyone is in position, ready to go. Stephen manages to scare Austin and Mal into hiding, and then tries to hit Jarrett, only to find that his bullet firing from the gun. Jarrett then takes him out swiftly, and Stephen proceeds to film the rest of the battle. People are running and gunning, ducking behind cover, and keeping low to the ground.

Following that, they play some Flash Point and do a pretty good job, only killing two people. Then, it's time to head back home.

Back at the house, Stephen talks about how the party went and how this is probably the first of many more gatherings over at Austin and Nikki's place. He also discusses how he feels about Nikki being pregnant since he's known Austin since he was born.

Finally, he talks about their agenda for the next day, but mostly that Mal has to start on her next painting and that she has less time to do it (1 week instead of 2 weeks), since they had been using the camera to record mail and Q&As over the last week.


  • "I feel like I should have a gun. Like at least you're like the war photographer here, I'm just a bystander. I'm just gonna be like a statistic." - Jarrett (to Stephen)
  • "It hurts! It..." - Jarrett (after getting shot)


  • Stephen used both Goldeneye and Doom music, and created Goldeneye and Doom overlays to use for the Nerf wars section of the vlog.
  • Austin's birthday celebration occurred a day after his actual birthday, which is on March 17th.

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