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Sexy Hitman Beautiful Turtle (Day 1376 - 8 31 13)15:57

Sexy Hitman Beautiful Turtle (Day 1376 - 8 31 13)

Sexy Hitman / Beautiful Turtle (Day 1376 - 8/31/13)
Date: August 31st, 2013
Running Time: 15:57



  • Seattle, WA
    • Washington State Convention Centre (PAX Prime venue)
    • Collins Pub
    • Red Lion Hotel


It's the day of the meetup!  Stephen, Mal, Dan, Alex, Hayley, Taylor, and Thomas head out to a public square to meet up with fans.  They are later joined by Josh, Emile, Masae, Chaz, Jeff, Tim, and Patrick.  Afterwards, they have lunch at an Indian buffet.  They head back to the convention centre, where an event related to League of Legends has just let out.  Stephen gives Hayley the camera, but she unfortunately forgets that she has it for a while.  She has lunch with Chaz, Jeff, Alex, Taylor, Dan, and Thomas.  Hayley advises the vlog audience to wear earplugs when they head out to bars, since it's bad for your ears.  The group was originally planning on going to a party, but the lineup was too long.  Stephen, Mal, and Patrick return to join the group at a bar.  They head to another bar where happy hour drinks are determined by the spin of a wheel.  Stephen ends off the vlog back at the hotel, and inserts a clip from the meetup with a group of fans saying "Let's meet back tomorrow, shall we?"  (Except Emile, who says something completely different.  Finally, there is another clip from Day 1321 of Stephen saying "It'll never end correctly.")


  • Hayley: "You can become whatever you dream."
    • Dan: "Even a... sexy hitman."
    • Hayley: "Even, like... a beautiful turtle."
  • Patrick: "Dan, where's the nearest ATM?"
    • Dan: "Oh, I think it's right over there. (Points to a Showgirls club)"
    • Patrick: "Okay, we're gonna cross the street and use the ATM.  We'll catch up with you in about three hours."
  • Patrick: "We were talking about how it's tough to be the douchebag that pulls out the camera and vlogs himself all the time."
    • Stephen: "No, it's not that hard."

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