Sex Into Children's Eyes (Day 540 - 5 18 11)05:05

Sex Into Children's Eyes (Day 540 - 5 18 11)

Sex Into Children's Eyes (Day 540 - 5/18/11)
Date: May 18th, 2011
Running Time: 5:05

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  • Stephen's dorm


Alex grades a paper for Stephen. Excerpts from the paper include the following gems:

It's this weird double standard that confused me so much when growing up.
A shootout occurs on a television drama; several people die - no one bats an eye. If, however, a woman does as much as take off a piece of clothing, well, someone's going to write a letter.
Given the option of bringing sex into children's eyes earlier, wouldn't it be more beneficial to do that and educate them than teach them it's okay to kill one another?

Alex is very annoyed that Stephen writes like he talks.

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