Send Us Stuff! (Day 616 - 8 2 11)11:31

Send Us Stuff! (Day 616 - 8 2 11)

Send Us Stuff! (Day 616 - 8/2/11)
Date: August 2nd, 2011
Running Time: 11:30

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  • Stephen & Mal's Apartment - Columbia, South Carolina
  • Stephen's Car
  • Stephen's Parents' House - Myrtle Beach, South Carolina


PO Box for viewers to send stuff? Check. More furniture assembly? Check. Now all that's left to do is head to Myrtle Beach and prepare for the wedding of Stephen & Mal in four days. Also, Stephen's diploma arrives, and a special package from Camille Young at Fangamer as well!


  • Stephen graduated from SCAD on Day 557, alongside Alex, Dan, and Taylor.
  • Some of Camille's works are featured on Fangamer's site, but most of her works are found on her site.
  • The wedding cake slicer used in the wedding came from Stephen's grandparents, and was used 53 years ago when Debra and Steve got married. The fact that the slicer had 53-year-old icing was reiterated by Stephen during their wedding party, and was dedicated to his late grandfather, who passed away years prior to Day Zero.
  • Stephen & Mal first met because they both loved the game Earthbound, hence why there's Mr. Saturn on their wedding cake topper.

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