Send In Some Y Juz (Day 314 - 10 4 10)04:04

Send In Some Y Juz (Day 314 - 10 4 10)

Send In Some Y Juz (Day 314 - 10/4/10)
Date: October 4th, 2010
Running Time: 4:04

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  • Stephen's dorm


Jarrett heads back home. Also, Stephen's ear infection has gone away, but his sinuses are clogged up and his stomach isn't doing too well. He ends up sleeping for most of the day.

He remarks that people have been asking him what "Y Juz" is on his Formspring account. He doesn't have an answer, but he asks audience to send in some Y Juz anyways, for Pork Dan, Dan's evil porky brother. Whatever that means.

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