Semi-Bad Haircut (Day 543 - 5 21 11)05:18

Semi-Bad Haircut (Day 543 - 5 21 11)

Semi-Bad Haircut (Day 543 - 5/21/11)
Date: May 21st, 2011
Running Time: 5:17

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People Edit

Locations Edit

  • Stephen's Dorm at SCAD
  • Chili's

Summary Edit

One night of college life in a nutshell: Dan's less-than-desirable haircut, dinner at Chili's, plus updates on the next few days and the Minecraft Monorail from yesterday, and Stephen's last effort that involves Alex...What can go wrong?


  • Stephen finally scares Alex after so many attempts to scare him, such as on days day 416 and day 504, and to get back at him for scaring him on the bonus video for day 521.
  • The ending scene shows Stephen's Minecraft avatar drowning himself in the river in a minecart.

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