Seinfeld Review • 5.1827:04

Seinfeld Review • 5.18.17

Seinfeld Review • 5.18.17
Date: May 18th, 2017
Running Time: 27:03

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  • Stephen and Mallory's house


Stephen and Mallory review the complete series of Seinfeld! They've been watching it for about 5 months and finally finished all of it today.

In their review, they talk about things like:

  • How much of Seinfeld they watched before watching the full series
  • What they enjoyed about watching the whole series
  • Their favorite characters (main and supporting) and episodes
  • How they felt about the change in writing from Season 7 to Season 8
  • Wanting to watch Curb Your Enthusiasm, created by Larry David who was involved in writing the first seven seasons of Seinfeld

At the end of the review, they reveal what series they will be jumping into next: Full Metal Alchemist (both Brotherhood and the original anime)!


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