Screw Pancakes, I'm Getting Biscuits (Day 246 - 7 28 10)04:31

Screw Pancakes, I'm Getting Biscuits (Day 246 - 7 28 10)

Screw Pancakes, I'm Getting Biscuits (Day 246 - 7/28/10)
Date: July 28th, 2010
Length: 4:30

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  • Pancake House
  • Gatlinburg house


Stephen and various other Starmen.netters eat breakfast at a pancake house. He estimates that there are 23-24 people in their group there in total. Back at the house, people are are doing things such as playing video games, dancing randomly, and playing Magic: The Gathering. Later on, they do a light reading outside and watch The Mist. At the end of the day, Stephen says that they took group shots of everyone and that his Flip is dying.

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