Screen Names (Day 454 - 2 21 11)07:02

Screen Names (Day 454 - 2 21 11)

Screen Names (Day 454 - 2/21/11)
Date: February 21st, 2011
Running Time: 7:02

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  • Stephen's dorm


Stephen starts out the vlog by trying (and failing) to scare Alex.

He thanks the audience for recommending ScreenFlow, a recording program for Mac that he is using to record his Let's Play of Portal.

He notes that he has been getting a lot of questions lately on his Formspring account. He addresses one of those questions: "Why is your name... 'xfisjmg1'?"

Stephen didn't get the internet until he was twelve, and the first ever website he wanted to visit was (oddly, he had never watched anything on the Disney channel: he was a Nickelodeon kid). While trying to make his account, he made several repeated attempts to create a coherent username without any luck. Frustrated, he decided to type up random letters, and out came "xfisjmg". The "1" was added later since he forgot a password to one of his accounts. He has since been trying to stray away from this username since he is getting into the professional spotlight. He asks the audience to explain the stories behind their own usernames.

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