Scramton (Day 868 - 4 10 12)15:47

Scramton (Day 868 - 4 10 12)

Scramton (Day 868 - 4/10/12)
Date: April 10th, 2012
Running Time: 15:47

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  • Stephen's apartment


Mallory make some more pizza and Stephen explains that YouTube was not working properly so he had trouble uploading videos properly. Mike sends Stephen and Mallory Magic: The Gathering cards and thanks him for all of his work. Belal says that he started his channel because he was inspired by Stephen and he sends a picture of Stephen and Mallory. Rachel asks Stephen what his favorite internet meme is, what goals he has for himself in 2012, and what his favorite Magic: The Gathering card is. He says that his favorite internet memes are the Nicolas Cage "you don't say" face and "x all the things", his goals are to eat better and to exercise more, and his favorite Magic card is Lightning Bolt.

Rachel also asks Mallory what inspired her to teach, and she says she was inspired by her photography teacher and she would like to teach high school and photography. Rachel also sends a picture of a sunset and Stephen says that he has been feeling a little ill.


  • Stephen put an explanation after the names of all the people who sent him mail in this Vlog day's video description.
  • Stephen and Mallory watched Inception on Day 862.
  • As Stephen corrects himself when the Vlog title comes up, he meant to say Scranton, Pennsylvania, not Scramton.
  • Stephen sang his song about Scramton to the tune of Welcome To The Jungle.
  • Rachel suggested some of the amazon haul.

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