Sad Day (Day 279 - 8 30 10)06:25

Sad Day (Day 279 - 8 30 10)

Sad Day (Day 279 - 8/30/10)
Date: August 30th, 2010
Running Time: 6:25

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People Edit

Locations Edit

  • Mallory's Mother's House
  • Wisconsin Airport
  • Airplane
  • North Carolina Airport
  • Sweet Tomatoes
  • Stephen's Parent's Car
  • Stephen's Parent's House

Summary Edit

Stephen and Mallory had a fun summer being together, but sadly, Stephen has to return home. He finishes up packing, and he and Mallory head to the airport. There, Stephen says that between Christmas, Spring Break, and Summer, the Summer is the hardest to say goodbye because they had been together for 3 months. Stephen and Mallory say goodbye, and after Mallory leaves the airport, Stephen gets breakfast, which is a sausage, bacon and cheese omelet, potatoes, sourdough bread, and a Coke with a shot of vanilla from Johnny Rockets. He then boards his flight home, and reads a Sky Mall magazine. Arriving at the airport, Stephen reunites with his parents again, and they head to Sweet Tomatoes for dinner. After talking about why people don't like mushrooms, despite the fact that Stephen loves mushrooms, they arrive home, where Stephen gets to pet his cat Rocko. After Stephen takes a nap for a while, showers, and finishes a sandwich that his mother made for him, he talks to Mallory on Skype, and after a while, Stephen simply says "Sad Day" before ending the day.


  • Stephen and Mallory are very depressed in this video.


  • Stephen: "I love you girl on the screen."
    • Mallory: "I love you."
    • Stephen: "sad day"

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