SHUT UP! I'LL KILL YOUR FAMILY! (Day 808 - 2 10 12)13:06

SHUT UP! I'LL KILL YOUR FAMILY! (Day 808 - 2 10 12)

SHUT UP! I'LL KILL YOUR FAMILY! (Day 808 - 2/10/12)
Date: February 10th, 2012
Running Time: 13:06

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TMBG Live @ Variety Playhouse (2/10/12) - S-E-X-X-Y, Can't Keep Johnny Down, Dead



  • Stephen's car
  • Stephen's hotel
  • Sweet Tomatoes
  • Variety Playhouse


Stephen and Mallory get to their hotel and then eat at Sweet Tomatoes. Then they nap and run out of gas on the way to YEAH! Burger and arrive late. Then they pick up Dan and Alec, Mallory's cousin, and go to the Variety Playhouse with Thomas and Emile to watch They Might Be Giants. Then, Stephen and Mallory eat some Munchkins.


  • Calling your dad is how you save your game in Earthbound.
  • The last They Might Be Giants concert on the Vlog was on Day 101.

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