SANDVICH! (Day 893 - 5 5 12)06:08

SANDVICH! (Day 893 - 5 5 12)

SANDVICH! (Day 893 - 5/5/12)
Date: May 5th, 2012
Running Time: 6:08

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  • Stephen's apartment


Mallory makes thank-you cards for her friends with watercolors. Stephen makes some sandwiches for Mallory and himself; turkey, ham, aged swiss, roma tomatoes, and honey mustard for him, and the same for Mallory except without ham and with only one slice of swiss cheese. Then Stephen discusses that he has made headway in the prerecording of Let's Plays, and he will have more time to work on Ninten Speaks and Daily Pack as a result. He says that Daily Pack episodes have all been recorded, but he has not had time to finish editing them, and Ninten Speaks will only end when Ninten defeats the Ender Dragon and reaches the "conclusion" of Minecraft.

Stephen then mentions that he wants to use his free time to create some music to upload for free.


  • Stephen, not his alter ego Ninten, and Mallory defeated the Ender Dragon in Minecraft #100.
  • Stephen has been creating music for a very long time; many of his early works can be found at Some of his other songs include I Am Earthbound, Train A-Coming, and the many improvisational works he has done with Dan and Alex as part of the Knot Puppies, such as Butter which was played on Day 319. Stephen creates songs constantly when playing most of his Let's Plays, many of which are fan favorite moments and thus become Memorable Moments.
  • Stephen references the sandvich from Team Fortress 2.

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