Root Canal • 3.2908:31

Root Canal • 3.29.17

Root Canal • 3.29.17
Date: March 29th, 2017
Running Time: 8:30

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  • Stephen's car
  • Stephen and Mal's house


Mallory gets her root canal, after a slight mishap with her appointment. She found that the procedure was better than expected, since she was numb and the procedure didn't take a long time. She does need to get a crown placed on the tooth still, so she can only eat on one side of her mouth. She adds that it was frustrating that she had to get this done, since she took care of her teeth and only broke it because of an accident.

Stephen and Mallory then head back to the house and have a (long) nap. Then they get some dinner from Chick-fil-A since Mal can't really eat anything at the house. Stephen adds that they also bought a pint of ice cream, which he is excited about even though it's more for Mal to eat. They also discuss how much pain Mallory is in, which she describes as a sensation of pressure in her mouth since she is on painkillers.

Before ending the vlog, Stephen mentions his plan to continue working on Fan Favorites before going to bed.


  • "You're gonna have to subtitle me, aren't you?" - Mal (after the procedure)
  • "Is soup- is soup food?" - Stephen


  • Stephen mentioned in the vlog that a friend of theirs shattered their tooth when eating a chicken wing.

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