Remind You of Home • 4.509:30

Remind You of Home • 4.5.17

Remind You of Home • 4.5.17
Date: April 5th, 2017
Running Time: 9:29

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  • Stephen and Mallory's house
  • Dan and Lindsey's apartment


Stephen and Mallory wake up in the morning and make chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast which is good. What is not so good is that Mallory still has a lot of work to do on her painting, and she's still feeling under the weather from her root canal, and the next day is her birthday so people want to see her.

Some time later, Mal gets a package from Karley for her birthday! It turns out to be wall art, which is the map of Wisconsin and the Packers logo over it on a piece of wood. Stephen suggests that it will remind her of home, and she agrees excitedly.

Afterwards, they head to Dan and Lindsey's apartment so that Stephen can get some stuff from Dan. They also talk about the storm that is brewing. Since his parent's cable went out just before they got to the apartment, Stephen thinks the power will probably go out.

With the stuff on a thumb drive, it's time to head home. The rain was really bad when they were driving, and the roads had started flooding. Stephen talks about how he's concerned about Lindsey getting back since she was out doing a job and their apartment complex floods very easily and very badly.

In other news, Stephen has accomplished a lot today, but Mal still has to paint. They aren't worried about the storm since everything is hooked up to an uninterrupted power source. Also, they now have a boat that one of their neighbors left on the pond - it's their getaway vehicle to... the other side of the pond.

A while later, Mallory makes leek and potato soup. Thankfully, the power never died. Stephen stayed up for a little bit to finish a book for his client work, and he finishes it. He's happy that he is able to sleep before 1am, and keep up with the sleep schedule even though he stayed up.


  • "I don't like nuts in my stuff. And, and bananas, sorry. " - Stephen

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